Gothic Fetish S&M Mask
Gothic Fetish S&M Mask
Gothic Fetish S&M Mask
Gothic Fetish S&M Mask
Gothic Fetish S&M Mask

When your passive lover isn’t listening to you and always speaks up, you need to put her into her place and show her who the real boss is in your relationship! Sure, spanking your sub could work, but that doesn’t mean it works all the time. Sometimes, she even gets naughtier because she likes it when you slap her butt.

If that’s the case, why not deny her from her senses? And if you’re looking for a tool that will shut her up, block her vision, and prevent her from hearing things, then this Gothic Fetish S&M Mask is a perfect choice! This hood can do just that and more.

This bondage hood features a detachable eye pad that completely blocks the light; thus, preventing your sub from seeing things. It also covers the mouth, which shuts her up. All you can hear from her is mmm—a sound that’s music to your ears. There are also tiny holes on the nose part, enabling her to breathe.

But the fun features don’t end there because this one has leather straps that go around your passive partner’s head, eyes, and neck. These bands are fully adjustable so that this hood can fit heads of all sizes. It even comes with a lock for added security.

And speaking of adjustability and security, this fetish-y headpiece has a string at the back. Pull it tight and tie a knot to keep the hood in place no matter how intense the scene gets.

Then there’s a D-ring at the front part of the neck. This loop isn’t just there as a pendant since you can use it to attach a leash of your choice. That way, you can walk her around and humiliate her when she’s acting terribly.

The Gothic Fetish S&M Mask is available in pink, red, sky blue, and black. Choose a color that turns you on and add it to your cart!


Color Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable


Gothic Fetish S&M Mask

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