Golden Brown Beaded Glass Butt Plug 4.13 Inches Long


Has it ever occurred to you what glass can do to your precious bum? Glass is hard and rigid, yet so smooth to the touch. With this exquisite Golden Brown Beaded Glass Butt Plug 4.13 inches long, your booty will get the pampering it deserves.

Featuring three bulges of varying girths, this butt pleaser will surely brush up against the walls of your bum to awaken and enhance your senses. Indulge yourself in pleasure and bliss as you also explore your ass with this sparkling butt plug. Its total length is 4.13 inches, with its widest diameter at 1.18. Given this dimension, plus its rigidity, it’s meant for the experienced who love to explore treasures of pleasure in their ass.

Worried that it would break at its weak points like the neck or the base in the middle of the play? There’s no need to fret as we’ve reinforced the tensile strength of the glass. In fact, this isn’t just made of regular glass but with borosilicate glass. If you know Pyrex, then that’s the quality of glass this one is made of. With proper handling and normal use, it promises longevity for years of fun and orgasms.

This glass plug will certainly amp the exhilaration a notch if used in temperature play. If you like frozen delight, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. On the other hand, if heat turns you and your partner on, dip it in a bowl of hot water for a nice hot session. Be sure to check the temperature on your wrist first before using the plug to knead the pleasure points.

As a rule, always check for cracks and scratches before using it. We guarantee, however, that this butt plug is in good condition. But if handled carefully and used correctly, you have nothing to worry about.

Let elegance and style please your bum with the Golden Brown Beaded Glass Butt Plug 4.13 Inches Long!

Color Gold
Type Butt Plug

Handle: Glass

Plug: Borosilicate Glass


Length handle: N/A

plug: 4.13 inches

Width handle: N/

plug: 1.8 inches, 1.5 inches