Golden Ball Attachment Butterfly Nipple Clamps

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Have you always been a shy and timid girl your whole life? Are you curious about what the wild girls are doing in the bedroom with their lovers? Want to know more? Then read on to find out. The wild girls are utilizing sex toys in their sex play with their lovers. Need to get started on your sex toy collection? Why not buy one of our acclaimed nipple clamps?

We introduce you to our Golden Ball Attachment Butterfly Nipple Clamps that are suitable for girls like you! These nipple clamps are made from high-quality manganese steel. These types of sex toys are considered luxurious because of their shiny quality, sturdiness, and durability.

Heck! They can even last for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Our butterfly nipple clamps have an eccentric jointed cross or T-molded spring system. They have a distinct quality in which the more that you pull on the clamps, the tighter will be the squeeze on your nipples. Sounds painful? Quite the contrary--the feeling is a sweet kind of pain that will develop into a unique kind of pleasure that you have not felt before.

The Golden Ball Attachment Butterfly Nipple Clamps have soft, rubberized tips on both ends for your comfort and safety during nipple play. As for the other end of the clamps, there are two golden balls that also have smaller balls inside which will create a jingling-jangling sound. These cute little balls will hum a tune every time you strut your booty or dance to your lover. What an added bonus!

Are you convinced of all its amazing benefits? It is time to take action, choose this product, and add the Golden Ball Attachment Butterfly Nipple Clamps to your cart today!


Clamps: Silver

Balls: Gold

Material Manganese Steel
Type Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A