Gold Sandstone Crystal Egg with Stand
Gold Sandstone Crystal Egg with Stand

Are you looking for an item that you can use for redesigning your house interior, meditation, and Kegel training? Why not get this Gold Sandstone Crystal Egg with Stand? This man-made stone can do all of these things without compromising your budget.

Our Gold Sandstone Crystal Egg can be an excellent addition to your home decoration because of its captivating beauty. The sparkly look of this oval-shaped crystal makes it eye-catching. Meanwhile, the yoni egg stand also adds appeal to the overall look of the yoni. The holder is expertly handcrafted from wood, which complements the appearance of the stone. Plus, it allows you to place the love egg wherever you want.

The stunning yoni egg can also be used for meditation. Regarded as "the stone of ambition," this healing yoni egg helps you build courage, energy, and a positive outlook. It also helps boost confidence and motivation and stimulate vitality.

However, the best way to use this vaginal stone is by shoving it up to your love tunnel. This stone can strengthen your pelvis, which helps reduce or eliminate pain from the lower abdominal area. It also gives you control over your bladder. No more sudden gush of pee whenever you sneeze or cough.

Furthermore, it makes your man satisfied during your intercourse. This vaginal rock, along with consistent and rigorous Kegel training, can tighten up your entrance and make it juicier. This results in a longer and more exciting sex act as he likes the feeling of getting snugged by your tight cunt.

With all these remarkable uses and healing properties, you have no reason to look further than our Gold Sandstone Crystal Egg with Stand. Grab this yoni egg now and let its magic work on you.

Color Dark Red
Stone/Crystals Gold Sandstone Crystal
Size (inches) 1.18*0.98 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Build Energy, Courage & a Positive Attitude, Boost Confidence & Motivation, Stimulate Vitality, Help Treat Arthritic Condition, Reduce Stomach Pain, Support Bones, Increase Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles, Reduce Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles, Tighten Vaginal Walls, Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises


Gold Sandstone Crystal Egg with Stand

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