Couple Nipple Clamps in Elegant Gold Design

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Has foreplay become boring, mundane, or monotonous that you just want to get over it and be done with the main event? There comes a point when couples get to this, but it doesn’t mean you should just accept it as a normal phase in your relationship. Physical intimacy is crucial in any partnership bound by romance because it keeps the couple emotionally connected. Neglect this aspect and one of you is doomed to cheat, and your partnership will be at risk. 

Here at Lovegasm, we always celebrate physical intimacy and burning desire. Hence, we are dedicated to bringing couples the best sex toys that will surely fire up even the dying embers of sexual passion. Our Nipple Clamps for Couples showcase a wide variety of classic and modern-looking nipple clamps which are impeccably designed with your pleasure in mind. 

Our very own designers are also sex enthusiasts and experts who have a great understanding of how to better stimulate the erotic zones of our body. We can also guarantee that all the products in our collection went through testing and passed the most stringent standards.

Although our nipples are considered to be a treasure trove of nerve endings, unfortunately, they are not given enough attention during foreplay. But how we wish they’re sucked, licked, caressed, and brushed with a feather and much more! No more will you have to endure having your nipples ignored because, with our wide array of nipple clamps in this collection, you can turn your nips into the main cast of the show!

Dare to bare and flaunt your chest! Then, get ready to be treated like a god/goddess or a slave because while some of our nipple clamps can be mildly painful, others are brutally torturing. Bring on the adrenaline rush by choosing the ones with chokers, toothed pads, or weights. While others make one shudder with fear and delight, there are also pairs that are visually cute and flirtatious. 

If you’re one who’s new in nipple play, you’ll be delighted with our adjustable nipple clamps with colorful furry balls, ribbons, and chiming bells. If you’re not yet ready to explore pain in that area, but you want to glam up your titties, we have adorable nipple adornments that will surely make you irresistibly alluring and hot in bed. 

If “torture” makes the play more sexy and erotic, go all in with clover clamps as they can never be loosened but only tightened when their spring is pulled. Couples also love to play with nipple clamps that have chains linked to them. These chains aren’t just made for aesthetics, but they’re also made for your partner to pull whenever he/she gets naughty and wants to inflict pain. In whichever way you want to play with your partner's nipples, we have got the right nipple tool for your behind-the-bedroom activity!

If you’re sick and tired of the usual stimulations done during foreplay and you want to experience all-new levels of sensations, then you should check out our Nipple Clamps. With a wide variety of clamps to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the right ones for you and your partner!