Glass In Your Ass Blue Anal Beads
Glass In Your Ass Blue Anal Beads
Glass In Your Ass Blue Anal Beads
Glass In Your Ass Blue Anal Beads
Glass In Your Ass Blue Anal Beads

Truman Capote once said, "The good thing about masturbation is that you don't have to get dressed up for it."

But he mentioned nothing about not buying a luxurious sex toy, did he? You won't feel the need to dress fancy when you have the Glass in Your Ass Blue Anal Beads.

This item is an exquisite-looking sex toy that's very intricately made—it can pass for home décor! It has a deep shade of blue, which will remind you of steamy sex at the beach.

Its undeniably smooth texture will complement the soft flesh of your butt. Can you imagine using this while the light shines through it, giving off beautiful reflections on your bedroom walls?

It's not only meant to look good, but it's also guaranteed to make you feel good. It emulates the shape of beads, which vary in size and shape. Some come in perfect circles. Some are wider in diameter but smaller in height.

Others are thin but long. And some shift its size seamlessly as you insert it. It's a play of emotions, an integral part of your foreplay's success.

This sex toy is made of glass. But don't let its fragile appearance fool you. Glass sex toys are a fancy possession, but they can also be a dreamy obsession! It is particularly beneficial for people who have a fetish for hard and rigid things. And because glasses are non-porous, it can withstand temperature.

You can experiment with having it either warm or cold. But no matter how curious you are, remember not to go through extremes. Inserting a boiling or freezing sex toy in your butt will ultimately give you more harm than pleasure.

Glasses also work well with any lubricant. Clean-up is also easy; you can even toss it in your dishwasher!

Make your butt feel deluxe with the Glass in Your Ass Blue Anal Beads. Add it in your cart now!

Color Blue
Material Glass
Total Length: 7.4 inches (19cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: : 0.68 inch (17.4mm), 0.86 (22mm), 1.02 inches (26mm)


Glass In Your Ass Blue Anal Beads

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