Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings
Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings
Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings
Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings
Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings
Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings

Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings

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When it comes to choosing body piercings, some things aren't negotiable. One is quality, and the other is a unique design. And when it comes to selecting tit trinkets that won't break the bank, the Get Octopied 14G Nipple Rings are excellent options for that.

You can't go wrong choosing stainless steel. It's solid with a smooth finish that allows easy wearing and hassle-free maintenance. Also, this material is body-safe, so you can wear the jewelry, even for an extended period and without worries.

Aside from being a great medium, the octopus design of this pair gives it a different vibe. The detailed head features a pair of eyes for a more realistic look. Then, the elongated arms act as the shield that will enclose your nipples to give them the right amount of pressure. This model has two options to choose from, 16mm and 20mm long. It would be better to get a measuring tape and get the actual size of your nipples for a more definite fit.

Remove the barbell from the shield by turning the knob. Once it's loose enough, release it and slip the bar inside the pierced nipples. The shield should be in place, covering the nipples. When you are satisfied with the placement, lock it in place.

Experience a more receptive nipple that gets excited all the time. With nipple piercings in place, the sensation around the tits will become more intense. This action will make even the slightest touches feel like heaven!

First time wearing nipple piercings? Make sure to seek a professional's help! The process of having your nipples pierced is complicated and needs an experienced piercer. It's better to be safe than sorry!

You have found the perfect pieces of jewelry. Now is the time to get them. Add this pair to your cart before they run out!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Shield: 0.63 inch (16mm), 0.79 inch (20mm)
Bar: 0.55 inch (14mm)
Bar: 0.063 inch (1.6mm) (14G)
Barbell: 0.20 inch (5mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Nipple Rings