Full Satisfaction Penis Extender Condom

Full Satisfaction Penis Extender Condom

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You may have been playing with cock sleeves for a long time and are looking to give your sessions a new twist. You thoroughly enjoy your conventional cock extenders and have been looking for the next big thing to update your experience. Well, you are in for a treat because we have our Full Satisfaction Penis Extender Condom here, ready to swoop you off your feet!

This silicone made stunner is flexible and easy to use. With one look, and you know you are in for one delightful surprise.

Designed for comfortable playing, you will find that you can bend this sleeve with ease and let it conform to the different kinds of positions you want to explore.

The style includes two protruding massagers that will caress the sensitive areas of your partner. The shaft also has an extra nub on the tip that will massage your lover more profoundly than ever before.

Moreover, you will enjoy a thrusting spree like never before because the sleeve will prolong your playing time together. That is right, forget about premature ejaculation and how it has ruined your persona in bed. As long as you are wearing this, you never have to worry about PE ever again. You will also observe your cock becoming more robust. That is because the sleeve will again lift your cock up and give extra hardness as you romance your lover.

Take your adventure in the shower and experience a different kind of delight as this beauty is 100% waterproof too.

Never neglect safety when playing with this toy. Wash this with soap and water before and after each use. Make sure to wipe it dry before placing it on a separate container.

Be ready for a whole new experience. Grab this lovely piece today!


Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.92 inches (12.5 cm)
Entrance Hole- 1.50 inches (3.8 cm)
Clit Massagers- 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)
Tip- 0.47 inch (1.2 cm)