Total Coverage White Sex Hood
Total Coverage White Sex Hood
Total Coverage White Sex Hood

A more intense kink has kicked in, and it has been making you restless for days. You have cuffs, collars, ropes, and chains to bind and tether your slave, but these have become commonplace. It's not that they're boring, but you need to up the ante to level up your game and satisfy your new kink. A head fully covered with a leather hood has become utterly arousing, so you want one for your loyal slave.

Here's the Total Coverage White Sex Hood to shroud your partner's face and deprive him of some of his senses. When his sense of sight, hearing, and taste are blocked, the others will compensate, making him more receptive and extra-sensitive to the stimulations you want to give. And with this hood on his head, you make him more submissive while you gain more power and control. Its simple and straightforward design makes it easy to use. All you have to do is zip or unzip the hood. No complications, no hassles!

Although it's made of synthetic leather, it doesn't mean that its quality is inferior compared with genuine leather. With quality at its core, this leather hood is soft and comfortable, yet it's remarkably sturdy for long-term use. It is shaped to fit the head and sewn with precision for durability. It's available in two sizes to make it suitable for men's and women's heads.

Although it looks suffocating, this hood will allow your partner to breathe as it has vent holes that allow oxygen to get through. As his eyes are wide shut, hot wax or any temperature play will be much more intense. This hood will muffle his screams and moans, so don't worry about the possible noise he's bound to make.

White symbolizes innocence, but in this case, white signifies your pure lust and kink. Always keep it clean with proper care and maintenance. Buy now, or you'll miss your chance!

Color White
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
For Men: 22.83-23.62 inches (58-60 cm)
For Women: 20.87-22.05 inches (53-56 cm)


Total Coverage White Sex Hood

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