Friendly Backdoor Intruder Blue Anal Beads

Go ahead and use this lustrous weapon, not for tactical self-defense, but to defend yourself from sexual frustration. Experience different stimulations in one luxurious pleasure tool.

Let your backdoor devour our Friendly Backdoor Intruder Blue Anal Beads, and feel a rectal pop you can hardly stop.

This curvy backdoor intruder features three voluptuous pear-shaped beads. The one at the insertion point has a tapered tip for a pleasant and more comfortable fitting. As you push it, the pearls become wider, giving your hole a delightful stretch to ignite the anal stim you need.

It has an ergonomic shape to reach a male's P-spot with ease. Moreover, its material is soft and body-conforming. You won't feel any stiff and uncomfortable rigidness. Silicone also has a skin-like touch, and its non-porous surface can resist harmful bacteria.

While these beads fill up your bum, you can enjoy vaginal penetration or play with your other sex toys at the same time. When you're almost ready to cum, it's time to pull the beads out with the help of the ring hole at one end. The popping sensations on your rectum will make your climax feel more extra-ordinary and out of this world.

As this is a tool that you insert in the orifice where you excrete toxins, you have to wash it regularly before and after use. You can use your trusted brand of sex toy cleaner, or use warm soapy water.

However, make sure to be thorough by not leaving any residue on the surface. To keep its pretty shape, you should only use water-based lube. A handful amount of it is necessary so that you can insert the beads hassle-free.

Let your imagination gravitate and feel stress-relieving gratification. Hurry and add this Friendly Backdoor Intruder Blue Anal Beads to your cart now!

Color Blue
Material Silicone
Total Length: 5.43 inches
Insertable length: 3.46 inches
Handle: N/A
Beads: 0.79 inch, 0.98 inch, 1.18 inch


Friendly Backdoor Intruder Blue Anal Beads

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