Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties
Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties
Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties
Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties
Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties
Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties

Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties

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Bad girl fashion style is a crowd puller. Who wouldn’t be drawn to its artistic and sexy combination, right? It helps women like you look chic and cool!

The real deal, however, is using this new trend, the nipple pasties. Many women have been ditching brassiere lately for these covers. A lot of them find these fabulous!

You should try them on your boobies too! Make your first wearing lit with our Foxy Skull-Printed Best Pasties.

These fun skull-designed covers highlight their moisture-resistance and easy drying features, all thanks to their acetate fabric exterior parts.

They come in a skull, a star, and a heart-shaped you can choose from. They also have a glossy finish, so you can expect these pieces to feel soft, smooth, and comfortable on the skin. Another remarkable attribute of these beauties is that they drape effortlessly on the body.

You won’t find them hard to put on your boobies. They are the best substitute for bra too! It is most especially during summer or just when the weather is hot and humid.

As for its other side, you will find the adhesives commendable for their strong sticking capacity. You can surprisingly find the pasties staying in place even as you move and go about your day. They sure are hypoallergenic and non-toxic as well. Having sensitive skin or not, you can trust that these pieces will go far and beyond in ensuring your skin’s safety.

It would be best to clean your breast areas to remove skin oil and impurities for proper wearing. In this way, the adhesives will be able to stick on your boobies entirely. Once done using them for the day, carefully peel them off your skin.

Don’t just toss yourself to bed without washing off the adhesive remnants on your tits. These residues can pose a risk to your skin’s health, so you might as well prevent it from happening.

Discard these pasties once the adhesives don’t work anymore, but if you feel like reusing them for a long time, make sure to clean them first. Buy a body-safe double-sided tape or glue.

Catch people’s glances as you wear these foxy beauties underneath your see-through white or sleeveless shirt. Keep slayin’ when you add these pasties to your cart now!


Color/Type White, Red
Material Exterior: Acetate Fabric
Interior: Adhesive
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A