Fox Cosplay Tail Butt Plug 13 to 15 Inches Long


Being erotic doesn't always mean you have to be provocative. Sometimes, you can look sweet and innocent yet still alluring like this Fox Cosplay Tail Butt Plug 13 to 15 Inches Long.

This tail plug will put a smile on your lover's face once he sees you wearing this cute yet naughty sex toy. Your partner will love your fluffy faux foxtail because of the way it looks at your butt as it brushes against your legs while crawling towards him. You will like it too because of its softness. Plus, your butt cheeks won't get any rashes as the faux tail is hypoallergenic. But that's not the only thing you will love about this product. This adorable tail plug also provides flexibility and ease.

This cute anal plug features a smooth tapered end, slender stem, and an oval base with a paw print in the middle of the head. The narrow tip of the butt plug provides a comfortable fit, making it easier to insert it into your ass.

The round bottom - on the other hand - is where the tail is attached. It also prevents anal play mishaps as it keeps the toy in place despite your position and movement.

All these parts are made from high-grade silicone. Thus, this plug is ideal for beginners and for those who seek flexibility in their sex toys.
But if there is one thing that sets it apart from other butt plugs, that is the ribbon. This additional feature makes the toy even more adorable, which is why it is one of our best-selling products.

So, satisfy your lover's fetish fantasies with this Fox Cosplay Tail Butt Plug 13 to 15 Inches Long! We guarantee you; your partner will pet you and make love to you, even more, when you put this on.

Color Black, Pink, White, Purple
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Synthetic Fur
Plug: Silicone


handle: 13.78-15.75 in.
plug: N/A


handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 cm.