Foreskin Erection Lock Glans Ring

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Cock rings are small but incredible sex toys. Couples make the mistake that rings are just for men. Women can also find pleasure in these toys as they are designed with perfect pussy stimulators - just like what we have here!

If you are looking for "the" toy, this Foreskin Erection Lock Glans Ring is the perfect deal! It targets to put pressure on your F-Spot to heighten the sensitivity in your penis head. With this ring on, even the slightest touch from your partner will give you extraordinary sexual stimulation. It will also add some oomph to your dick as it gets more prominent on the head. You will also experience stalled ejaculation and stiff boner for a few minutes more. Everything a guy needs will be present in just one ring!

Your partner will also find this toy pleasurable once it goes in and out of her love hole, inciting all her love spots. Reaching multiple orgasms for her will now be easy, and thanks to this baby.

This toy includes a 1.57-inch open-loop and 1.14 and 1.26-inch diameter rings used for locking. Position the open-loop ring on your glans, and then lock it by placing your preferred size of the whole ring on top of it. It is made of TPR so you can expect a tight grip. Remember not to use other types of lube aside from the water-based ones as you might find it hard to remove the residues that can get stuck in the ridges of the ring.

Make sure to clean this toy before and after use. Wash it with warm water and mild soap that you'd use for your skin to avoid skin irritation. Remember, by keeping your toy clean; you are maintaining your healthy well-being, too. Once your toy is squeaky clean, dry it thoroughly before storing it in a room-temperature container to maintain its best quality.

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Color/Type Translucent White
Material TPR
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Open-Loop: 1.57 inches
Small Ring Lock: 1.14 inches
Large Ring Lock: 1.26 inches