Flower Lace Nipple Covers
Flower Lace Nipple Covers
Flower Lace Nipple Covers
Flower Lace Nipple Covers

When in doubt, choose lace.

This trendsetter material has always been associated with elegance and sultriness. You’ll never go wrong with anything in lace, especially when you’re aiming to tease and seduce your partner for a wild and hardcore night.

To make things effortless and sexy, meet our Flower Lace Nipple Covers.

The product name says it all. These nipple covers’ exterior design is made of flowery lace materials. You can get them in circle, flower, heart, and star shapes. They cover the areola securely with latex-free and medical-grade adhesives, so you don’t need to worry about crappy rashes and skin irritations.

To use these, wipe your boobies with rubbing alcohol to ensure your areolas are free of dirt and oil. Doing this will help you play safe and make the adhesive stick onto your skin for a long time. Gently detach the covers on their protective layers. Put the circular parts found in the middle of these pasties on your tits and flatten out the other areas.

Once both covers are in place, it’s time to drive your partner crazy. For your pro tip, try not to wear anything aside from these covers to heighten up the thrill. You can start by dancing erotically in front of him or make a drastic move and sit on his lap. Whatever you choose will surely turn his dick hard and unstoppable!

After using the covers, carefully remove them from your boobies. Make sure to wash your breasts thoroughly to get rid of the adhesive residues. These remnants staying on your skin for a long time are not good, as they may pose risks of skin rashes and irritations. Reuse as long as the adhesives work, and dust them off every after use.

These lovely pieces can still be of great use after the adhesives run out of value. Simply replace them with double-sided body tapes, and you’re up for another great adventure!

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Color/Type Black
Material Exterior: Lace
Interior: Medical-Grade Adhesive
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Flower Lace Nipple Covers

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