Flower Design Clip on Nipple Clamps

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Make your lovemaking as hot as summer and as radiant as spring, delight your breasts with these Flower Design Clip on Nipple Clamps and lure your partner in!

Accessorizing your nipples doesn't have to be agonizing as well! Nowadays, you can wear breast accessories that do not require pierced nipples.

The clip-on nipple clamps have rings which you can simply attach onto your nipples to make them look more enticing and inviting.

These Flower Design Clip on Nipple Clamps are made of stainless steel, you can rest knowing that it will not cause any skin irritation when worn.

Flower-shaped jeweled trinkets hang from these rings, giving your chest area a fresh new look, but still sumptuous. As they hang loosely from your bosom, they will shake and dangle as you sway your body during sex.

These toys come in three color choices: pink, white, and blue. You will also get two pairs of nipple rings, one measuring 0.47 inch and the other one measures 0.35 inch. If worn properly, these nipple clamps do not just beautify your breasts but they also give them amplified stimulation to make lovemaking or masturbation more kinky and electrifying.

Prepare your body first before starting to wear one of these, you can simply caress your breasts gently until your nipples are erect. Once you feel aroused and your nipples are hard, carefully insert the nipple into the ring, squeeze and adjust the ring until it gets a good grip onto your nipples, doing this will help them stay in place. Keep it safe and do not squeeze your nipples to tight, keep the pressure within your comfortable tolerance.

Let your partner feast on your breasts while you wear these Flower Design Clip on Nipple Clamps! Set up your cart now!


Clamps: Silver

Jewels: Pink, Clear, Blue

Material Stainless Steel, Titanium
Type Clip on Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 0.37 in., 0.45 in.
Weight: N/A