Glass Kegel Balls | Flowers In Glass Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set

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How's working out with ben wa balls working with you so far? No further explanation needed. You're here because you want to be more challenged and want more results. That shouldn't be a problem when you use our Floral Orbs Glass Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set.

You're well aware of how ben wa balls work: they're inserted in your vagina and your vaginal walls contract to hold the balls in. It's best to do Kegel exercises while you're at your most active or just going about your daily routine. As long as you're moving, then your ben wa balls are at work. Each ball has another smaller ball inside, which bounces and hits the larger balls' walls when there's movement. This, in turn, stimulates your vaginal walls, and this is what causes it to contract and become tighter.

Our Floral Orbs Glass Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set is made from high-quality glass. This might be one of the few sets of ben wa balls that you've seen that are made from glass. As the material is hard and solid, this is more suitable for advanced users and those who are looking into enhancing your sex drive and tightening their vagina even more. Smaller ben wa balls are a lot more challenging to hold in, so if you're aiming for that narrower love tunnel, you've found the perfect set for you.

These ben wa balls are clear with yellow flower designs inside. They're both sophisticated and classy, which goes in on the fancier styles of ben wa balls. With a small size and no silicone jacket or retrieval cord, they are really set for experienced users who can freely control and hold in a ball or two.

Take it to the next level! Grab this set now!

Color Clear with Yellow Flowers
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Glass
Dimensions (in.)


0.98 in.


0.98 in.