Flirting Heart Lace Nipple Covers

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You go and buy nice things to make your home, car, and office look nice, so why not do the same for your body? Yes, you do have clothes for when you go out and strut your stuff during the day, but what about when it's night time, and you're getting prepped for some sexy time with the hubby? Introducing our very own Flirting Heart Lace Nipple Covers--just about the only pair of nipple ornaments you'd really look forward to being taken off by your lover!

Bring out the naturally flirty sex siren in you with these lovely handmade Flirting Heart Lace Nipple Covers. They're eye-catching, easy to use, and will give your nipples the attention that you've always craved for. They come in gorgeous black, red and pink colors--just pick one that your partner will surely adore. Not sure which color he'd love? Get all three. We offer these beauties at very affordable prices!

Each pair of the nipple covers comes with a dainty floral design and tassels that are meant to dangle from your nipples. The fabric is hypoallergenic and so is the adhesive used to make the covers stick to your sensitive skin. Use them underneath some sensual lingerie or even with just your birthday suit on and a killer pair of stiletto heels. Your lover will be delighted with the added visual stimulation that these beauties have to offer.

Planning to celebrate a special occasion anytime soon? If you've got the venue, the food, and even the breathtaking scenery already booked, then what are you waiting for? Add these Flirting Heart Lace Nipple Covers to your cart and check out now! They're wonderful additions for that very special night of lovemaking that you have in mind. We guarantee discreet and hassle-free shipping of all orders.

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Color Black, Red, Pink
Material Lace Fabric
Type Sexy Nipple Covers
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A