Flask of Pleasure Tight Male Masturbator

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Here's a flask that doesn't hold any liquor or spirit but contains a genie. Indeed, this canister contains a magical yet elastic creature that will give you toe-curling and orgasmic pleasure. This Flask of Pleasure Tight Male Masturbator may have a subtle exterior, but what hides inside will rock your world like a wild beast in a cage.

Are you always stressed out, and you feel like you can use a quick yet sweet escape from harsh reality every once in a while? Well, it's a good thing that our Flask of Pleasure Tight Male Masturbator comes in a low-key and inconspicuous elegant container. It allows you to carry it with you during a stressful business trip or a long day at work.

If you think that masturbating is only a waste of time, then you are wrong. Reaching orgasm via self-gratification can help you boost your concentration, allowing you to be more productive and competitive in the line of work that you do.

Besides the inconspicuous container, which also comes in black and white, it also has a realistic shape from inside and out. With the lid off, you will see the realistically-shaped vag with kissable tiny lips and fat labia majora. Dab a generous amount of water-based lube on the entry hole and let the erotic and fun escape begin. Let the curvy tunnel inside stroke your junior with the threads and ribs that will increase the stimulation you're feeling.

Once the dirty job is complete, you have to clean this elastic pussy. Take it off from its case and wash it with mild soap and running water. Use your fingers to rub the tunnel inside gently, then rinse it. Store it in a dry place.

Why deal with stress if you can battle it anytime with the help of this tight and lifelike fake coochie? Hurry and add this to your cart now!

Color Black, White
Material Silicone + ABS
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches (180 mm.)
Width/Diameter: 2.68 inches (68 mm.)