FFCK ME Nipple Tape
FFCK ME Nipple Tape
FFCK ME Nipple Tape

You know he wants it, and so do you. Yet, there is something at the tip of your tongue that bars you from saying, "Fuck me hard until you cripple my bones from your body's rough thrusts to mine." You can't voice it out as you're ashamed that he may find out that deep inside, you're never a saint, but a sinner slut.

Tempt him by going naked and by only wearing the FFCK ME Nipple Tape, and give him a hint that you want to do it, too! With these nipple covers on, no verbal communication is needed—just the fiery passion from you and your man!

These nip tapes are made of satin and silicone gel to come up with a sexy, provocative outfit. The satin at the convex layer of pastie has a printed text that says, "FFCK ME"—you know what it means. The silicone gel, on the other side, acts as the adhesive and the sticker of the nipple tape. They come in two available colors: black and pink.

Before you proceed, know how the tape works. It's for one-time use only as the adhesive loses its effectiveness after the first use. Peel off the adhesive protection on the backside of the cover, then pat the tapes on to your breasts to conceal your juicy raisins. Do not apply any slippery or sticky substance to your nips and areolae before putting on the nipple covers. Body oils, lotions, and moisturizers are a no-no when using teat tapes as they add heat to your skin, which can be a possible cause of irritation.

During foreplay, let your man aim first for the X spots to dig in the treasure underneath them. Then, you can let him go to the fertile land down under where the grass is greener!

If you don't have the guts to tell him that you want to get fucked, use the FFCK ME Nipple Tape to drop what your body and heart desire! Get these tapes now!

Color Black, Pink
Material Pasties: Satin
Adhesive: Silicone Gel
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A


FFCK ME Nipple Tape

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