Feline Fantasy Catwoman Mask
Feline Fantasy Catwoman Mask

The cat is one of the most graceful creatures on land. It makes the slightest noise when it jumps, runs, or whatever it does. Independent, carefree, and adorable, the cat easily becomes a favorite pet. If your spirit animal is the cat, then you've got to let it out and play. And the quickest way to enter a cat headspace is to wear the Feline Fantasy Catwoman Mask. Put it over your head, and voila! You can become either a friendly cat or a feisty one. Meow! 

Look mystique and playful all together without trying hard because, with this mask on, you'll behave like a cat with ease. This mask is quick and easy to put on and take off because all you have to do is zip or unzip it. The zipper is just on the backside. You can reach it and do it yourself or let your partner do it for you. The mask has holes to show your kissable lips and let your expressive eyes open wide. You won't be suffocated as there are vent holes that will allow you to breathe normally. The front side of the mask is transparent to give your Master a view of your beautiful face. The pair of ears won't bend or won't fold, so they'll always make you look alert and always attentive.

There are six sizes to choose from to ensure the snuggest fit possible. From extra small to double extra-large, there's one that suits your head best. It's designed with a collar that will hug your neck, ensuring that the mask will stay in place no matter how wild your play gets. 

Put this mask on and be as spontaneous as you like. Now all you need is a catsuit and a tail to complete the ensemble.  Purr the sexiest way possible, and your Master will play with you for as long as you want. 

Now is your chance to be a sexy cat woman, so hit that "Buy" button now!    


Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: NA
XS: 19.69-20.47 inches (50-52 cm)
S: 20.87-21.26 inches (53-54 cm)
M: 21.65-22.05 inches (55-56 cm)
L: 22.44-22.83 inches (57-58 cm)
XL: 23.23-23.62 inches (59-60 cm)
XXL: 24.02-24.41 inches (61-62 cm)


Feline Fantasy Catwoman Mask

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