Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand
Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand
Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand
Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand
Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand
Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand

Have you ever tried inserting something up your butt? A pen, a finger, or anything long? How did it feel? You may or may not have liked it, but one thing is for certain: If you have the right tool to stimulate your ass, you will find it blissfully orgasmic. So here's our Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand, a delicious treat for your ass because that, too, is a treasure trove of sensitive nerve endings.

This wand will create magical sensations once you have inserted it in your butt and work it in and out or swirl it. Or you can leave it there while your genital is stimulated. Feel the bulging spirals when you pull it out because that's when the magical moment happens. Do it when you're about to climax for a more intense and powerful orgasm.

What goes in first is the smooth, rounded head as it's perfect for massaging the P-spot or G-spot found on the other side of the wall. This ball-shaped tip is 1.18 inches in diameter. The shaft boasts swirls or spirals that enhance stimulation. Use of the first few inches at the bottom as a handle and be sure to hold it tight to prevent it from slipping further. The total length of this pleasure tool is 8.27 inches, and its body is 0.98-inch wide.

If you're female, you can use it to stimulate both of your holes. But never attempt to use it from your ass to your vag without properly disinfecting it first. Coating it with a condom will make this task so much easier. This swirly probe is 100% silicone, a body-safe, and body-conforming material perfect for newbies. Use it with lots of water-based lube for more pleasurable and comfortable insertion and extraction.

Don't just settle with the same sex or masturbation routine. Spice it up with something magical. It's yours for the taking, so buy now!

Color Black, Flesh
Material Silicone
Total Length: 8.27 inches (21 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle/Shaft: 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)
Beads: 1.18 inches (3 cm)

Feel the Magic Anal Bead Wand

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