Fabulous White Fox Tail Butt Plug 31 Inches Long

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Are you looking for a way to take your anal play to the next level? If your answer to this question is a resounding "yes", then you will surely love the Fabulous White Fox Tail Butt Plug 31 Inches Long.

A tail plug is an amazing addition to your sexual escapades. Whether you are going to use this device just by yourself or with a partner, know that you will feel the pleasure that's unlike any other!

This awesome sex toy has two main parts - the handle and the plug. The handle is made of synthetic fur, and it comes in this pristine grey-white color. As for the plug, it is made of non-porous and body safe stainless steel.

When it comes to tail plugs, most notably the Fabulous White Fox Tail Butt Plug, there are so many benefits that you would be able to enjoy. Apart from the majestic looking 31.49-inch white fox tail that adds some oomph to your anal plug, the stainless plug is very easy to use and to manage. The aftercare part will be easy-peasy too.

Wash the plug using warm water and mild soap. You can also soak it in boiling water to thoroughly sterilize the device. Wipe it dry and store it in a dry place.

With its stainless steel finish, you can use any type of lubricant on the tail plug. As the butt does not lubricate itself like the vagina, it's essential to use a lubricant before you insert the tail plug.

If you are feeling a little nervous or anxious, try to relax before inserting the Fabulous White Fox Tail Butt Plug 31 inches long. It helps when you try to focus on your breathing and stimulating your other genitals. Once you've got all that going, slowly ease the tail plug in. Take note that the more turned on you are, the enjoyable your experience will be!

Color White
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Synthetic Fur
Plug: Stainless Steel


handle: 31.49 in.
plug: N/A


handle: N/A
plug: N/A