Extendable Penis Plug With 2 Stainless Rings

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A penis plug with flexibility in size—that is what our Extendable Penis Plug With 2 Stainless Rings can offer you and more!

With a wide variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, there's a lot of penis plugs to choose from. But what if you can own one that gives you more diversity in size, giving you more control over your sex toy? Well, that's precisely what this can offer you. With its ability to be divided and put together, you have more options as to how long you want it to be.

From its shortest length of 2.36 inches, it can be extended four sizes up, and the longest it could be is 9.06 inches. At its wide points, it measures 0.31 in diameter. It is made of stainless steel, very solid material that will not harm your skin. A cock ring with a diameter of 1.18 inches, is also attached on the tip, this serves as an added security and will help the plug stay in place. With its astounding feature, you can start with just the first piece alone, adding more parts to make it longer as your level of experience progresses.

Keep in mind to ensure that the plug is well-sanitized before and after use. For safety precautions, it is advised to use loads of lubricant, applying it on both the urethra and on the plug itself. To avoid difficulty in inserting the plug, it is essential to keep your nerves relaxed. Try listening to calming music, deep breathing exercises, or a warm bath; these are just a few ways to feel relaxed. When you're done with the practice, always keep this plug inside a dry and safe place.

Have the toy that adjusts based on your expertise and desire. Go ahead and add this to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Penis plugs with rings, Large penis plugs, Stainless steel sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.36 inches to 9.06 inches
Width: 0.31 inch