Expanding Y-Shaped Dog Tail Butt Plug 9.84 Inches Long

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Dogs are certainly mans' best friends. They're also very loyal. If you want to step it up and transform into your partner's faithful companion, then you're in for a treat. Our Expanding Y-Shaped Dog Tail Butt Plug 9.84 Inches Long is one of our most recommended anal sex toys guaranteed to bring pleasure, taking your nights to greater heights! As simple as it may look, it brings more than just hours of fun--this dog tail plug also introduces you to a new meaning of the anal play.

To start off, this remarkable product is made from high-quality silicone. But it's not just any silicone; we take into consideration that this is a sex toy that will have direct contact with your body, so we made sure to choose only the best kind of silicone to use with this. The result is a medical-grade material that's free from any chemicals or other elements that would be harmful to the body.

Not only that, but we also took note of the process of making them, ensuring that all plugs--and especially this one--are smooth and flawless to the eye and touch. Nicks and rough edges are not good for a butt plug as it can cause discomfort or even create cuts inside your anus.

Thanks to this plug, we introduced the thrilling feature of expanding butt plugs and the amusing but still sensually arousing feature of a silicone dog tail wagging and merged them into one product that you will never get tired of using!

This silicone dog tail plug is very easy to clean. Just lather with some mild soap or a sex toy cleaner and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

If you plan to use any lubricant with this, make sure to avoid any silicone-based lubricants as they can damage the plug and could impose risk in your health. Other than that, you're all set. Be a good partner and show them how deep your love can get with Expanding Y-Shaped Dog Tail Butt Plug 9.84 Inches Long!

Color Black
Type Tail Plug
Material Silicone


handle: 8.27 inches

plug: 1.57 inches


handle: 2.52 inches

base plug: 3.00 inches widest