Exotic Brunette Horse Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long


Going brunette is basically choosing to be bold, hot, and sexy.  Therefore, choosing our Exotic Brunette Horse Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long means that you have that oozing sex appeal to pull this one off.

This quality tail plug has many great features to make your fantasy roleplay more exhilarating.  The tail that will drape over your thighs is 16.5 inches long, and each hair strand is made of durable fiber but made soft and smooth to perfectly resemble genuine hair.  The plug is made of TPR, a combination of plastic and rubber, but it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalates-free.  It’s built with a T-shaped base to ensure that it won’t go up any further than where it should be.   The plug measures 4.10”x 1.5”, making it ideal for those who have already explored their butt hole before.

Dare to play the role of a sassy pony or a wild one?   Whatever kind of horse you want to play, don’t forget to display your tail with sultry moves that will entice your partner or master.  Why don’t you play some upbeat, raunchy music in the background and sway your hips or strut your tail?  Swing your tail right in front of him and make him beg you for more.  For sure, he won’t be able to handle the heat for much longer and can’t wait to pounce on you over and over.  Looks like someone will get pounded doggie style, am I right?

To completely enjoy anal exploration with our Exotic Brunette Horse Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long, ditch your cheap lube and get a really good one.  Anal play must always be SLIPPERY, and the best way to do it is to be generous with lube.  Unlike the vagina, your bum isn’t capable of producing its own lubrication, so lube up more. It’s also vital to wash your toy with warm water and antibacterial soap after and before each session to make sure no fecal matter or bacteria will go in there.  Keep these in mind and you’ll have powerful orgasms without having to worry about infections.

Ready to become exotic and flaming hot?  Buy this amazing toy, right now!


Black (plug)

Brunette (tail)

Type Tail Plug, Anal Hook

Handle:  Fiber

Plug:  TPR



Handle:   16.5”

Plug:  4.10”


Handle: N/A

Plug: 1.5”