Ergonomic Wireless Prostate Massager
Ergonomic Wireless Prostate Massager
Ergonomic Wireless Prostate Massager

Not everyone knows about the benefits of a prostate milking. Aside from the fact that it helps produce the right balance of semen for breeding, it also cures (and prevents) erectile dysfunction. On top of all these, one more reason to give your prostate some rubbin’ and nudgin’ is to provide you with an intense orgasm. Amplify your happy endings with the Ergonomic Wireless Prostate Massager!

This love machine is made of premium quality silicone and features a removable bullet-type vibrator. You’ll have the best of both worlds in this device since it fills your anal canal and massages your prostate simultaneously. Its shape fits perfectly with the structure of your anus, so there are no awkward protrusions while inserting the device.

At the tip of the device is a rolling steel ball that moves at an astounding rate of 1400R/Min. This movement is perfect for prostate milking. Because the whole toy vibrates, you can also indirectly stimulate your P-spot through your perineum, the area between your balls and your anus. The oscillation frequency ranges from slight to ramp. All these nine-speed variations are mute, so no one will know your secret except you and your partner.

The ergonomic design provides secure handling as you glide and stroke this sex toy to aim at your prostate. You can even remove the vibe bullet and use it to stimulate your partner’s nipple while still utilizing the butt plug inside you.
You can also recharge it quickly, thanks to its USB cable charger. Plug it in your laptop, power bank, wall charger, or even your car charger! It’s durable, hypoallergenic, odorless, and portable. What more can you ask for?

Cleaning it is also as easy as using it. Remove the bullet and wash the silicone butt plug in warm water with soap. As for the vibrator, you can wipe it with a cloth saturated in a solution of warm water and soap. Wipe both parts dry before storing them completely.

This toy is so good you’ll blink your eye, and they’re sold out. Add it to your cart now!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Prostate Massager: 3.31 inches
Bullet Vibrator: 2.71 inches
Remote Control: 2.44 inches
Prostate Massager: 1.14 inches
Bullet Vibrator: 0.75 inch
Remote Control: 1.4 inches


Ergonomic Wireless Prostate Massager

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