Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie
Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie
Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie
Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie
Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie
Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie

Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie

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Nipple covers have a long history. It has been used as an accessory for entertainment and a covering to tease men's imagination.

Not only did they evolve and become one of the best alternatives against wearing brassieres, but also their appearances have level up.

If you are looking to use something dainty yet sexy at the same time, then our Elegant Rose Nipple Pastie is your best bet.

These are designed for the ladies who love a ruffled moment underneath. It has numerous tiny, flower-like protrusions that are very enticing to look at. They are all made from good quality polyamide-- a material commonly used on many clothing items like sportswear or yoga apparel. It is stretchable and very comfortable to wear.

With this model, you get to choose between the three fun colors available. We have a cute pink, sultry red, and dainty white. You can choose one or maybe grab all of it! These are all versatile pieces you can use or give as a gift.

When wearing these pasties, make sure your skin is clean and free from moisture or any body oil. Furthermore, make sure you dry your areola well before locking these on your boobies.

With this on, you won't have to worry about restrictive movements. You can dance the night away and have fun on a date or a night out with the girls-- freer than ever! And after the sweaty dancing, go home tease your partner with these on. These are very enticing pieces to look at. Your lover will go mad with desire!

The beauty of these nipple covers is the fact that they are reusable. You can use them for a night out then clean them well with warm water and mild soap. Don't scrub the adhesive side. Just air dry it away from direct sunlight.

Join the countless women who have enjoyed the benefits of using a nipple cover. Grab your pair today!


Color Red, White, Pink
Material Polyamide
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2 inches
Width: 2 inches