Electro-Stimulation Play Nipple Clamps 4 Pcs

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Pushing the boundaries of your sexuality can feel a little dangerous. But what is fun without a little danger with it? Here in Lovegasm, we give you options to get you to a level where you control how you want to be stimulated, may it be conventional or totally out of the box.

Our Electro-Stimulation Play Nipple Clamps 4 Pcs is here to give you a taste of stimulation on high steroids!

Erotic electrostimulation is one of the rising stars in the sex scene. Today, E-stim, as it is called, is not just for the wild, BDSM loving aficionados. Conventional couples who just want to incorporate a little spark into their bed scene are slowly becoming aware of how these toys can help them achieve unbelievable sexual pleasures.

This variant offers four amazing clamps that you can attach to your nipple and around your clitoris to enhance sexual libido and give a very mild electric charge to these very sensitive areas. Made with premium steel, you are sure to enjoy every minute when you charge these babies with the right amount of electricity.

E-stim, like all good things, should be practiced with precaution as it can be a little too much to some. If you are one with heart problems of any sort, you might want to sit this trend out. Needless to say, with the right amount of practice and patience, you will definitely enjoy these clamps if you are free of any heart issues.

Electrostimulation is safe for most as it uses naturally occurring bodily electro charges. In case you don't know, our bodies run on tiny electric charges to function. These clamps will only enhance what is naturally given to you.

You may have to purchase additional wires and electrodes to charge these clamps up, we have a lot of available e-stim set here in Lovegasm so scroll up!

Grab on to these magnificent slips now before they ran out!

Color Silver
Material Steel
Type Clitoris Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A