Duotone Kegel Exerciser Ben Wa Balls

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Keep your pelvic floor and vagina in great shape with the Duotone Kegel Exerciser Ben Wa Balls. Designed for both pleasure and health, these Ben Wa Balls are squeezable and soft on the outside, and inside each bead is a solid sphere containing a smaller, weighted metal ball that rolls and jiggles when you move. The vibration that this internal ball creates brings pleasurable sensations.

The Duotone Kegel Exercise Ben Wa Balls are available in 6 colorful variants to suit a variety of preferences, but whichever color you pick, you’ll get the same wonderful results. These Ben Wa Balls have removable straps for easy retrieval.

Elevate sensual pleasure to heights you’ve never experienced before by achieving pussy tightness with the help of these remarkable Ben Wa Balls. Establish a routine with these balls to tone and strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles and attain sexual youth.

The routine is simple and easy to execute. First, apply water or oil-based lube on the tool and on the vaginal opening. Insert slowly and gently to avoid hurting your delicate folds. Once both beads are inserted, tighten your pelvic muscles to squeeze both balls. Hold the contraction for a count of five minutes then relax for the same count. To complete one set, repeat the step 5 times. Each day, aim for 10 sets, without forgetting to rest your muscles to avoid straining them. You can be out and about while these balls are inside your pussy and can even keep them inside for up to 6 hours!

These balls aren’t just for Kegel exercises, they can even make foreplay much more titillating. Single? Then use it to intensify pleasure during your solo play. While your love hole is stuffed with these balls, rub your favorite vibrator on your clitoris and around your labia and an explosive orgasm will surely leave you gasping for breath.

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Color Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Green, Red
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone wrapping, Metal inside
Dimensions (in.)


Total length: 3.93 inches

Ball: 1.77 inches


1.46 inches