Drilled Red Carnelian Crystal Egg 3pcs Set

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How often do you have sex with your loved one? Once a week? Twice? If you think you could do more than you already can, then don't be such a disappointment. The Drilled Red Carnelian Crystal Egg 3pcs Set comes in different sizes and uses. Whether you shove it up to your womanhood or use it as a tool for meditation, you are in for a treat!

The red Carnelian crystal balances the emotions and improves your reproductive health. This yoni egg set alleviates irregular menstrual cycles, premenstrual syndrome, cramps, and can bring a woman's menstrual cycle if prolonged puberty is causing its delay.

This set of Carnelian yoni eggs is perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in helping them to recover faster. It has become famous for preparing women for pre-childbirth and aids them in relieving from hormonal imbalance, quick temper, mood swings, fertility, urinary incontinence, and gynecological problems.

The yoni eggs in this set measure 0.79, 0.98, and 1.18 inches in diameter, while their lengths are 1.18, 1.57, and 1.77 inches individually. They also weigh about 120 grams at most.

Both the large and medium-sized eggs are ideal for beginners because they are the easiest to manipulate and grasp. The smallest egg – on the other hand – is ideal for experienced yoni egg users since their pelvic floors are stronger than before. 

How to use the eggs:

1) First, sterilize the egg for a few minutes.

2) Then, lay flat and gently push the egg with the broadest end into your vagina.

3) Inhale and exhale to relax and allow the attached string to hang down.

4) Tuck the eggs in using your pelvic floor muscles, for around 15 seconds, then rest & repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

5) Pull the string lightly, then slowly remove the egg.

6) Wash with mild detergent and rinse with lukewarm water.

Do this exercise three times a week to strengthen your pelvic floor and to excite your man with your newly tightened v-hole.

Stop disappointing your partner in bed! Buy this set now and try this simple trick as soon as possible.

Color Red
Stone/Crystals Natural Red Carnelian
Size (inches)

Small: 1.18*0.79 in.

Medium: 1.57*0.98 in.

Large: 1.77*1.18 in.

Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increase/Enhance Libido, Reawaken Sensuality - Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence - Increase Sensitivity - Increase Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tighten Vaginal Walls - Easier Childbirth (less tissue damage) - Enhance Intimacy - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises - Increase Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles - Releases Stress & Aids in Improving Mood