Drilled Natural Green Jade Egg 3pcs Set

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Do you aspire to maintain and enhance your health and well-being for a long time? If you do, you can transform and nourish your life with the help of the three-piece Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg Set.

Jade has to be one of the most revered stones in ancient China. When the practice of using Yoni eggs first came to be, Jade was perhaps their stone of choice. If you manage to get your hands on the Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg Set, make sure you take advantage of all its numerous benefits and properties.

The Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg Set has plenty to contribute to the different aspects of our lives. The amazing thing about this set is that there are three sizes to choose from. Depending on your experience and preference, there are different options available for you. The smallest one in the bunch measures 1.25x0.9 inches, while the largest one is about 1.9x1.2 inches. If you want something in the middle, you can use the one measuring 1.5x1.1 inches.

With its unique healing properties, this stunning set can help address issues that concern your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When it comes to the physical aspect, it can help address issues concerning the reproductive system. Using the Green Jade Yoni Egg can strengthen the pelvic muscles. When it is inserted inside a woman's "sacred space", she can perform Kegel exercises. These exercises help to increase your sex drive and strengthen your orgasms.

It can cleanse your body from toxic and bad energy if you hold on to one of the three Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Eggs. If you manage to get rid of these, you would feel happier. It can bring peace and prosperity into your life, which can then attract more blessings and abundance.

Color Green
Stone/Crystals Jade
Size (inches) 1.25*0.9 in.
1.5*1.1 in.
1.9*1.2 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Brings harmony and peace, Promotes stability in physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of life, Strengthens the pelvic muscles, Increases sex drive, Increases and strengthens orgasms, Prevents urinary incontinence - Alleviates anxieties - Removes fear, Reduces stress, Induces happiness, Releases negative thoughts, Cleanses body and removes toxic energy, Attracts prosperity and abundance