Drilled Natural Black Egg 2pcs Set
Drilled Natural Black Egg 2pcs Set
Drilled Natural Black Egg 2pcs Set

Yoni eggs have been around for many years. They were used by high royalties of ancient times to enhance their sexual experiences.

Nowadays, however, you don't have to belong to a royal family to use such stones. You just need to get our Drilled Natural Black Egg 2pcs Set! This kit features 2 amazing stones with different sizes to cater to the changing needs of the yoni egg practice.

If you take a look at the two stones, you will be struck by the elegant hue of black – a distinctive color of a gemstone called obsidian rock. This crystal is known for its calming and grounding energies. If you want to have a cohesive train of thought and develop your self-control, then these yoni eggs are for you.

The smooth and heavy features of these eggs aid in massaging the tension points of the body. You can press the orb against your sore body parts and feel instantly relaxed by the weight of it on your skin.

If you get a little bit naughty, you can roll these orbs into the erogenous areas of the body and feel the erotic pressure grow inside you.

You can also utilize this stone as a tool for Kegel Exercise. The weight of the egg will be a nice addition to take the Kegel practice to the next level. This is much like adding dumbbells to conventional exercise. Doing this routine – along with these yoni eggs – will give you faster and better results.

Taking care of these eggs is important to maintain their beauty and to ensure their safety. Always wash the eggs before and after each use, and then dry them thoroughly. Store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Give these eggs a try and find out why they are so popular with the Royals for so many years. Grab our Drilled Natural Black Egg 2pcs Set now!

Color Black
Stone/Crystals Obsidian
Size (inches)

Large: 1.77*1.18 in. 

Medium: 1.57*0.98 in.

Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality - Menstrual Pain & PMS, Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Balance Estrogen Levels - Increase Sensitivity. Infertility - Promotes Nerve Growth, Increase Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tighten Vaginal Walls, Easier Childbirth (less tissue damage) - Circulation & Blood Flow, Enhance Intimacy - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises, Increase Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles, Experience Vaginal Orgasms - Promote Postpartum Healing


Drilled Natural Black Egg 2pcs Set

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