Drilled Light Green Jade Extra Large Egg 2pcs Set
Drilled Light Green Jade Extra Large Egg 2pcs Set
Drilled Light Green Jade Extra Large Egg 2pcs Set
Drilled Light Green Jade Extra Large Egg 2pcs Set

Reflecting the color of lush vegetation, Jade is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, growth, and vitality. No wonder it’s widely used to attract good luck. It’s also hailed as the stone of eternal youth because of its anti-aging properties.

If your yoni has started to wither like an old rose and has become dry like a desert, reclaim the youthful qualities it used to have with the Drilled Light Green Jade Extra Large Egg 2pcs Set. Two beautifully carved yoni eggs of the same size, 1.97”x1.18, will assist you in your Kegel exercises in order to tone and strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles. Defy the impacts of aging, menopause, and childbirth on your yoni by using either of the two.

So, what would you do with two equally stunning yoni eggs of the same sizes? Well, you can give the other to your sister or best friend who also needs to rejuvenate her yoni. Or, use the other as a pendant to always keep it close to your heart because this stone resonates with the heart chakra. Wear it wherever you go and touch it to call upon its power to protect you against negative energies. Both are carefully drilled so you can easily tie a string for easy extraction after each session.

Large in size, these eggs are perfect to work with when you’re still trying to learn how to control an egg inside. To train your PC muscles with either egg, squeeze these muscles for a count of 5 to 10, then relax them. This is the simple process of doing a Kegel exercise. Do it in the morning for 15 minutes as a way of recharging your yoni.

Restoring your yoni’s youthful qualities is a favor you’re doing not only for yourself but also for your partner. Men adore tight twats, and we all know that. So buy your ticket to glorious tightness now!

Color Light Green
Stone/Crystals Green Jade
Size (inches) 1.97*1.18 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances libido & reawakens sensuality – Relieves menstrual pain & PMS - Strengthens pelvic floor muscles – Resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence - Increases sensitivity - Increases natural lubrication pre/post menopause – Improves blood circulation - Tightens vaginal walls, Enhances intimacy – Serves as a natural tool for Kegel exercises – Boosts vaginal orgasms – Helps in treating the nervous system – Relieves stress – Counteracts the effects of depression – Dispels nightmares – Helps with pregnancy and childbirth


Drilled Light Green Jade Extra Large Egg 2pcs Set

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