Double Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls
Double Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls

If you think that getting a tighter vagina can be time-consuming and will require a lot of work, you are mistaken! With this Double Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls, you can achieve firmer pelvic muscles by simply doing chores and going about your day!

Indeed, our body muscles require continuous exercise and effort to make them stronger and harder. Hence explains the rise of different tools such as lifting plates, dumbbells, and other gym equipment that help us achieve a tone, dense body build. But when it comes to vaginal muscles, all it takes is the right tool. This Double Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls can help make your vagina more vigorous, giving you more muscular control over your bladder.

For someone who has just given birth, this tool can also reshape the birth canal back to its original condition. And while it makes your vagina healthier, it also makes it happier. Regular use of these balls can make sex more satisfying and sensual as the vagina's sensitivity increases. The orgasms felt will be more gratifying and can be reached effortlessly. With a total length of 7.87 inches, these balls also have a tip that can fondle with your clit. The balls measure 1.38 inches in diameter and are made of silicone.

Wash your vagina and hands before getting started. Sanitize the tool as well by using warm water and soap. You can either lubricate your vagina naturally by arousing your senses, or you can also use a water-based lubricant. Begin with your back lying flat on a bed or floor, and gently insert the balls one at a time.

Squeeze them tightly using your vaginal muscles, stand-up, and do some exercises. Also, you can proceed with your daily routine and wear these while doing your chores. Your pelvic muscles will involuntarily contract, holding the balls inside your yoni. After use, clean right away with a sex tool liquid cleaner or 75% alcohol.

You'll never know how rewarding a tighter vagina feels until you have one! Go ahead and grab this item now!

Color White silicone with Pink Balls
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


7.87 inches (total length)


1.38 inches (diameter)


Double Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls

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