Double Trouble Glass Anal Beads
Have you ever experienced an orgasm so gratifying that you can see swirling psychedelic colors? If you haven't, then it's time to up your game and use a pleasure tool for an electrifying anal play. Feel variations of sensations by using our Double Trouble Glass Anal Beads.

Tickle your bum and probe it with style. Use tools that are not only smooth and sturdy but are also versatile and skin-friendly, just like our Double Trouble Glass Anal Beads. These lustrous contraptions feature two ways of penetrating with different styles of sticks with each one as double-ended. Besides their double-ended designs, you can also introduce temperature play in your bedroom routines. The steps are easy. Submerge the toy under a bowl of ice cubes or hot water. Remember not to overdo both steps as it may break the whole toy or turn its surface brittle. Take delight in warm or cold sensations in your rectum.

For the ladies out there, you can use one side to massage your G-spot and use the other for some backdoor fun. However, be mindful and don't insert the same end for both anal and vaginal penetration, or else, you might end up with a foul-smelling pussy with a nasty infection. Proper lubrication is also essential, as the butt cannot lubricate naturally. As this is glass, you can use any lube you prefer. Make sure to apply it generously for a pleasurable glide and insertion.

This glass anal penetrator is also easy to clean. You can prevent bacteria growth by consistently washing in warm water and mild soap. Your favorite brand of sex toy cleaner also works. Dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel and set it aside in safe storage. Before use, make it a habit to always check your toy for chips or cracks that can pose harm to your anus.

Make your head spin and swirl due to overwhelming gratification. Go ahead and add this to your cart now!
Color Multi-color
Material Glass
Total Length:
A: 7.87 inches (200 mm)
B: 8.46 inches (215 mm)
C: 9.45 inches (240 mm)

Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
A: 1.22 inches (31 mm)
B: 1.18inches (30 mm)
C: 1.26 inches (32 mm)

Double Trouble Glass Anal Beads

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