Double Colored Rose Ben Wa Balls

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Has he become cold in bed and you miss his boner thrusting inside you? Why don’t you look into your pussy and check its current state? If you’ve given birth more than once, then most likely your pelvic floor has become weak and your pussy has become loose. A pelvic floor that lacks strength often leads to uterine prolapse and a hole that isn’t tight doesn’t make him hard nor gives you enjoyment during sex.

Meet the Double Colored Rose Ben Wa Balls made especially for your Kegel training to tone your pelvic muscles and tighten your love hole. Made of two balls, connected and wrapped in silicone, the Double Colored Rose Ben Wa Balls feature a beautiful rosebud and leaf design in 5 colors: sky blue, pink, purple, black, green, and yellow. Pick the color that suits your style, and we guarantee that you’ll have the same wonderful results whatever color you choose. Each of the two balls is hollow and encapsulates a smaller, weighted metal ball that bounces and rolls with every move, creating pleasant vibrations that stimulate your Kegel muscles. The silicone covering is soft to the touch and is very safe for internal use because it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free from any phthalate compounds.

Doing Kegel workouts with these Ben Wa balls brings many benefits, especially for women who have given birth or have already menopaused. Aging and childbirth will eventually cause pelvic and vaginal muscles to atrophy, so in order to counteract this, it’s best to engage your PC muscles in a workout with the help of these amazing balls.

If you think these Ben Wa balls are made only to tone and strengthen your inner muscles, you’re wrong! You can use these two balls to heighten the excitement during foreplay or intensify your orgasms during your solo play. Bring out your favorite vibrator and pair it up with these balls!

Buy the Double Colored Rose Ben Wa Balls today so you start your vaginal tightening workout soon!

Color Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, Green, Yellow
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Food-Grade Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Ball:1.57 inches

Total Length: 6.10 inches

Cord: 2.36 inches


1.30 inches