Dotted Pleasure Orbs Pink Anal Beads
Dotted Pleasure Orbs Pink Anal Beads
Dotted Pleasure Orbs Pink Anal Beads
Dotted Pleasure Orbs Pink Anal Beads

Not being pessimistic, but what if you had a breakup with your partner from several years of relationship? Your world revolved around your lover, and everything reminds you of him.

Will you chase after him, or will you save yourself from the shame of running after him and find ways to entertain yourself?

Stand tall, and use the Dotted Pleasure Orbs Pink Anal Beads to fill in what you had lost! It's a sex toy made of silicone with four increasing, uniquely dotted spheres design.

This three-dimensional touch of the tool's surface brings a different kind of pleasure to the anus' linings once sled against it. Its orbs or beads range from 0.75-inch to 1.14-inch diameters, linked to a 5.71-inch member.

The toy's texture is soft to ensure the ease and painless entry to your butt. Its high-quality material keeps your inside walls safe from scratches and bruising even after stroking it multiple times. And lastly, its cute and vibrant pink color suggests, "I'm not a hooker, but I am also not a virgin" vibe.

Even if the design is quite complicated, the toy, overall, is easy to use. Grease the surface of the toy and your butt with a generous amount of water-based lubricant, then insert the leader of the beads into your asshole.

Then, slowly incorporate the succeeding orbs up to your tolerance. Slide it in and out of your butthole to feel it knocking against your walls. Also, try getting deeper to reach the prostate to experience an undeniably ecstatic sensation.

When it's time to reach the climax, roughly stroke the tool back and forth of your asshole. Eject your marvelous cum while these magnificent spheres are getting pulled out of your butt! Oh, that feels so effing glorious!

As you have already released your orgasm, it's time to clean the toy with warm water and mild soap. With its intricate texture, you might need to use a soft-bristled brush to wipe off the dirt on the surface. Disinfect it with alcohol, then completely dry it before storing it in your sex toy's container.

It's not the end to lose someone you dearly loved, as there are sex toys to gratify you after they leave. Get this piece now!

Color Pink
Material Silicone
Total Length: 5.71 inches (14.50 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: 3.07 inches (7.80 cm)
Beads: Increasing Diameters: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm); 0.87 inch (2.20 cm); 0.98 inch (2.50 cm); 1.14 inches (2.90 cm)


Dotted Pleasure Orbs Pink Anal Beads

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