Door-Hanging Sex Toys Handcuffs

Door-Hanging Sex Toys Handcuffs

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You noticed lately that your sex nights have become so cold. Even if it ends up into a fucking sesh, you can't feel the thrill anymore—no twist, no plot, always anticlimactic.

Step up your dull lovemaking nights to crazy, 50-Shades-of-Grey-like sex evenings. Incorporate toys that will stir up your escapades. And the best tool to guide and help you? The Door-Hanging Sex Toys Handcuffs!

It's a simple mechanism that will bring a massive change in your every night routine. Once you purchase, the product comes with a pair of PU leather cuffs attached to the straps via G-clips. The straps use nylon, a material made of intertwined and interwoven threads, strengthened to carry big loads such as human weight. At the end of straps are the metal rods that serve as shim once hung to the door. The cuffs' and the straps' lengths are flexible, too, using buckles, making them adjustable according to your partner's height.

It's a good tool for beginners like you as it's easy to use and install. Secure your woman's hands using the cuff and shim the metal rods on top of your room's door. Make sure to lock the door to secure the stability of the mechanism. Once installed, you can then proceed with your dirty little play, one that's completely different than what you were doing before. You can play with her body long as you want—put cream on her breasts, lick her armpit and her waist, explore some standing sex positions, and many more.

And once you're through releasing your explosive jizzes from the extreme euphoria caused by this bizarre sexual experience, clean up after yourselves. Don't forget the equipment, too. If there is sweat and saliva residue on the cuffs and straps, you can wash them with water and hypoallergenic soap. Dry them before storing them in your secret cabinet after.

It'll be a totally different experience when you use the Door-Hanging Sex Toys Handcuffs in your sex. You'll have hotter nights even when the AC is on. Get them now!


Color Black
Material PU Leather + Nylon + Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A