Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape
Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape
Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape
Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape

Your first year with your man is just around the corner. You want to step up your surprise this time and make it naughty compared to the cheesy ones that you pulled off in your monthly anniversaries. You want to play the "Find the Treasure" game - where he needs to look for hints and where he needs to follow the clues to find his reward.

Give him the reward of a lifetime - your body and soul, your tits and your pussy! Mark your sweet spot with the Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape and let him peel off the X spot to find the treasure that he deserves.

This polyester-made nipple tape will not just cover your tits but will also bring out the sexiness on it. The intertwined and interwoven threads make the tape quality, crisp, and abrasion-resistant— attributes that perfectly fit for clothing and undergarments. Choose from Red, Black, and Rose—all serve the same purpose and only differ in colors. All these variants are self-adhesive, so you do not have to purchase double-sided tapes to wear it. Also, what's good about this product is its one-time usability, making it a hygienic item for one of the most sensitive parts of your body. After you use it, you can get to dispose of it by peeling it off of your nipples—no more washing and letting it dry to re-wear it!

Now you may ask, why does it cost this much if you will dispose of it after all? Well, girl, you're paying for the experience, too! How many times have you been wild and kinky in bed? Don't think twice about investing in a product that will give you out-of-this-world foreplays.

Make an Indiana Jones out of your man. Get this kinky Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape, and add it to your cart now!

Color Red, Black, Rose
Material Polyester
Dimension (inches) N/A
Length: N/A
Width: N/A


Disposable Cross-Shaped Nipple Tape

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