Dilate and Infiltrate Electric Prostate Stimulator
Dilate and Infiltrate Electric Prostate Stimulator
Dilate and Infiltrate Electric Prostate Stimulator

Sometimes, the usual anal tools aren’t enough to reach the elusive orgasmic pleasure. If so, you need to level up your anal play! And when you want to experience the ultimate in anal play, our Dilate and Infiltrate Electric Prostate Stimulator is your best bet. This set will drain you dry in no time!

The set features a beaded anal plug that sends electric pulses all over your body, particularly your booty. These waves of current reawaken the nerves in your ass, leaving you more sensitive to other types of stimulation. Its tapered end, on the other hand, targets your P-spot for a more explosive finish. And since the plug is a stainless-steel toy, you’ll experience these toe-curling sensations even more compared to other materials.

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to experience any of these without the power box. This tool is responsible for delivering nerve-awakening jolts, as it is where the electric shock houses. It features different modes of stimulation. You only have to choose how you want to get stimulated.
Now the question is, are you ready to pump up the anal party? Be sure you have three AAA batteries with you and put them in the power box. Also, make sure you apply a generous amount of your favorite lubricant for a smooth yet intense experience. Push the toy in until you reach the last bead or as deep as you can. When you’re ready and at ease, turn on the electric shock and feel it rushing all over your nates. You may cycle through all the patterns or choose one mode that you prefer.

When the party is over, turn off the electric pulse and slowly pull the plug out of your ass for sensational pleasure and stimulating pressure. Clean it with warm, soapy water and pat it dry. And oh, be sure to remove the batteries before washing the plug and keeping it in a cool, discreet place.
Experience the ultimate anal satisfaction with our Dilate and Infiltrate Electric Prostate Stimulator. Get one now!

Color Power Box: Black and Gray
Butt Plug: Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 5.51 inches (140 mm)
Head: 1.10 inches (28 mm)
Neck: 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Beads: 1.02 inches (26 mm)

Dilate and Infiltrate Electric Prostate Stimulator

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