Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound
Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound
Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound
Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound
Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound
Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound

Have you ever been curious how it feels like to be penetrated through your penis? Find out with our Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound. It is specifically designed for men wanting to have a taste of unique, luxurious sensations from the inside of their cocks.

Crafted and designed with your comfort in mind, this penis plug is available in two variants, both having detachable tips. The first variant has a length of 0.91” and a width of 0.24”. Its detachable tip is shaped like a donut with a hole in the middle. The second variant, on the other hand, offers a dimension of 0.71”x0.31” and it has a removable bullet-shaped tip. Both variants offer convenience as you can cum or pee through the hole; the bullet tip has to be removed, though, for free flow. It has a flared base that will prevent slippage. This also gives you something to grip when it’s time to retrieve.

With a quality stainless steel build, this penis plug won’t cause any irritation on your delicate urethra. It won’t have any adverse effects, either since stainless steel is non-toxic and phthalates-free. And because it doesn’t have pores, it’s an unlikely breeding ground for any bacteria. This non-porous nature also makes cleanup easy breezy. The well-polished surface is free from scratches and nicks that can tear or injure your urethral wall. With a penis plug safe for body use, you won’t have any second thoughts of stuffing your cock.

Let your first be a great introduction to your urethral adventure by keeping a few basic reminders in mind. Observe strict hygiene whenever you’re at play with this toy. It’s essential to sterilize it before use and make sure that the hands that will hold it are germ-free. Washing your whole package is also a must. As much as possible, use surgical lubricant and be generous when applying. Finally, enjoy!

Savor delightful sensations that will bring you to paradise bliss. Hit the “Add to Cart” button now to begin your exhilarating urethral exploration! 

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Hollow Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: A: 0.91", B: 0.71"
Width: A: 0.24”, B: 0.31


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Detachable Tip Hollow Urethral Sound

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