Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps

Santa's sleigh bells can excite anyone when they hear them ringing. Our Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps will entice and turn on any avid nipple clamper so much, it'll feel like Christmas every night.

There's so much to love about this naughty pair, but we're staying nice to their quality. The clamps are built from tough and solid but non-toxic metal, making these the badass sex toys you've got. If that alone makes you tense, we'll ease you up a bit. The clamps and handle are wrapped with latex, which acts as a cushion for your nipples. See? Bad but good.

As cliche as they look, these shouldn't be overlooked. Teasing your nipples is so underestimated that no one sees the importance of it. To keep you fired up for more sex, you need to be turned on. So when all else fails, your nipples are usually the way to go. Don't believe us? Read a little more and find out why.

Sensitive nipples can be achieved by introducing a gush of blood flow to them. To do that, you have to restrict the blood flow on your nipples, building up the pressure around them. Our Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps will grab your nippies, giving you pleasurable pain until they start to feel numb. While you're waiting, play around with your partner or other parts of your body. You'll feel even more turned on once you hear the bells dangling with delight on your breasts.

Once you're ready, remove the clamps from your nipples, and you'll instantly feel the blood flow rush around the area. This will make them more sensitive than they already were. Anything that you do with your nipples will ultimately feel more pleasurable that you'll start to forget about the other parts of your body.

Give your partner a lovely surprise by purchasing a set of our Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps now!

Color Silver with Black and Red Covers and Red or Magenta Bells
Material Metal, Latex
Type Christmas Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A


Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps

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