Cute Laced Nipple Covers
Cute Laced Nipple Covers
Cute Laced Nipple Covers
Cute Laced Nipple Covers

Cute Laced Nipple Covers

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Look cute and lovely for your partner. Make your bedroom play and kinky time more titillating by wearing accessories that will accentuate your lovely lady lumps. Prepare your sexiest lace underwear and pair it with our Cute Laced Nipple Covers.

With your partner staring at his phone all night or watching a film, it can become hard to catch his attention and send your sexy message. Flash your perky boobs and accessorize them with our Cute Laced Nipple Covers. These heart-shaped covers feature polyamide fabric with bows to make them extra beautiful. There are two different designs available; leopard print and pink heart. Wear it with your partner's favorite thongs, and you're in for a hot and rowdy night.

Here are some reminders if you're a beginner in wearing nipple covers. It is essential to make sure that your breasts are clean and free from any residue. You can wash them with soap or water, or better yet, it will be great to take a warm bath. Doing so will freshen up your body, making it smell more tempting for your partner. When you're all-clean and pristine, wipe your areolae clean with a soft cloth or towel. Don't apply any lotion or moisturizer as these products can affect the quality of the covers. Position the pasties and make a mental mark of where to place them. Gently remove the plastic film and slowly lay it over your nipples. Lightly press them using your fingers until they are secure. Each cover measures 1.97 inches wide, so they are broad enough to give your nipples coverage. Are you planning to wear them all night? Don't worry. These covers will last and stick even if the body-bumping gets rough. When the night is over, and it's time to remove them, slowly peel each cover off. Wash your nipples with warm water and soap. Alternatively, you can clean the teats with a wet cloth.

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Color Pink and Black, Brown and Black
Material Polyamide
Dimension (inches)
Length: 1.97 inches
Width: 1.97 inches