Medium Yoni Egg | Crystal Stone Green Jade Egg

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Green Jade is one of the most revered stones by the Chinese. When the practice of inserting Yoni Eggs started in ancient China, Jade was the stone of choice. Those who used these eggs reported amazing properties and benefits. If you wish to experience all that and more, you should definitely get the Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg.

With the Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg, it can bring equilibrium in the different aspects of your life. It can bring balance to your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. If you get the chance to use this 1.89 x 1.37 inch Green Jade Yoni Egg, make sure you take advantage of all the things it has to offer.

One of the major properties that the Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg is its ability to drive away negative energies. This allows you to make the most out the healing benefits and properties that this green colored stone has in store. When used in a woman’s “sacred space”, it aids in strengthening the pelvic muscles. It also improves the function of the different organs of the body. This then helps in bringing different kinds of benefits to our overall health particularly with the sexual and reproductive sides of our bodies.

Apart from the healing properties, it brings to our physical and sexual well-being, the Natural Green Jade Yoni Egg can get rid of toxic energy that can affect our minds. With the aid of the Green Jade stone, you can give yourself some peace of mind as well as ward off any negative thoughts that might haunt you. If you are able to do all these, it would bring abundance and harmony into your life. This would also bring you emotional stability.

Color Green
Stone/Crystals Jade
Size (inches) 1.89*1.37 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Brings harmony and peace Ensures stability in physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of life, Increases awareness of the pelvic muscles, Increases and strengthens orgasms, Increases sex drive, Improves urinary incontinence, Removes fear, Alleviates anxieties, Induces happiness, Releases negative thoughts, Cleanse body and removes toxic energy, Attracts prosperity and abundance,Reduces stress