Crystal Bloodstone Egg 3pcs Set

We may find ourselves looking for ways to reinvigorate our mind and body from time-to-time. For some of us, we get the help we need from other sources, including precious stones harvested from the heart of Mother Earth herself.

If you wish to get all the healing properties and benefits you need, then you should get our Crystal Bloodstone Egg 3pcs Set. These stones can revitalize the different aspects of our lives.

These yoni eggs have an earthy dark green color with some red flecks. Each vaginal stone measures about 1.77 by 1.38 inches and weighs around 0.49 pounds.

The great thing about having three Yoni Eggs in one set is that you always have something extra to use when the need arises. Because you have three pieces of vaginal stones, you have more energies to absorb in the process.

Take advantage of the intense and strong healing properties that the Crystal Bloodstone Egg 3pcs Set has to offer.

When you begin to use the Bloodstone Yoni Egg, it aims to bring you optimal physical, mental and emotional health. It becomes a really strong ally in combating difficulties related to motherhood, PMS and menopause and all other sexual and reproductive issues.

Also, when inserted into a woman's "sacred space", it improves endurance, strength, and energy most especially in the sexual side of her life.

If you wish to ward off the negative entities that affect your overall well being, you can use the Natural Bloodstone Yoni Egg Set to do so! It purifies not only your body but also your mind, giving you more motivation and patience.

All this and more are what you can get from our Crystal Bloodstone Egg 3pcs Set. Grab this kit now and let its power work upon you!

Color Dark Green
Stone/Crystals Bloodstone
Size (inches) 1.77*1.38 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increases Mental Clarity, Provides Mental Boost, Revitalizes Mind & Body, Heighten Intuition, Stimulates Hormones, Helps Prevent Miscarriages, Alleviates Symptoms of Menstrual Disorders & PMS, Provides Strength during Labor, Stabilizes Hormones during Menopause, Improves Vitality


Crystal Bloodstone Egg 3pcs Set

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