Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound
Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound
Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound
Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound

Are you looking for a new toy to elevate your urethral gameplay to a higher level? Our Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound is going to be your next addition to your collection.

Spice up your urethral foreplay with its beautiful convex design that is genuinely different than the other plugs that you have seen before. We used the finest stainless steel to produce these amazing plugs. It's the same material used to produce surgical equipment, so it's guaranteed safe for internal use.

This urethral sound is the best tool for your masturbation routine. Its length of 5.9 inches is more than enough to hit the right spots as you stroke your hard cock until you reach that incredible orgasm. Our quality team made sure that each piece is polished well to achieve a very smooth finish that is gentle to your sensitive urethral wall. With its girth of 0.15 inch at its narrowest and 0.39 inch at its widest, it's the perfect tool to stretch your meatus and stimulate your urethral wall.

Always keep this device clean and sanitized by putting in a pot of boiling water before use. Lather up some antibacterial soap and clean the plug thoroughly. Also, to avoid any infection, clean your hands, your penis, and the area around it. To start, apply a generous amount of lubricant to your pee hole and on the shaft of the plug for a hassle-free penetration. Having a completely relaxed body and a flaccid cock also goes a long way to properly slide in the plug through your hole.

Experience the difference when you use our Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound. It's also a great addition to your collection of Lovegasm products, so add one to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Penis Plug
Dimension (inches) 5.9" x 0.39"
Length: 5.9 inches
Width: 0.39 inch


Convex-Shaped Stainless Urethral Sound

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