Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand
Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand
Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand
Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand
Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand
Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand
Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand

They say that time is the only thing that's constant in the world. But now, the world is so dynamic that even change changes. One thing we can guarantee is to offer you something that satisfies you to the bones!

Use the Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand that can bring so much pleasure on both its ends. This sex toy will refute the saying about the constancy of the things around us, as this will forever gratify you! Its base material is silicone of the highest quality to give its user the best experience when using it. Its soft and smooth textures permit the easy and pain-free insertion to the butt and ensure the safety of the sensitive skin inside your anus.

Inspired by the penis' glans, the first end has a head bead that resembles a phallus. The opposite end has four closely-connected beads of the same size that reaches up to the midpoint of the entire member. It comes in two different color variants, brown and flesh, which mimic the natural skin tone and have the same satisfaction to offer anyway. It also has two available sizes, small and large, specially designed for newbies and experts.

To use the product, make sure to generously grease both the toy and your anus with water-based lubricant. Insert the tool, whichever end might do, inside your butt. Feel it entering your soul as it goes deeper through your rear hole. The beads' ridges bring a different sensation inside as they knock against the walls in your ass. To intensify the experience, try pushing it deeper then carelessly pulling the bead out. You will surely ejaculate prematurely with the amount of satisfaction that it will bring! When you feel like cumming, release the jizz as you pull the bead out of your butt. This climax will bring you to bliss, that's a promise!

After reaching the orgasm, clean the toy by washing it with gentle soap and water. Dry it with a piece of cloth, then store it in a sealed, moist-free container. Reuse the toy when you feel horny again.

With the toy beside you all the way, you can get the constant pleasure that you wanted. Grab this piece now and add it to your cart!

Color Flesh, Brown
Material Silicone
Total Length:
S: 6.30 in (16 cm)
L: 7.48 in (19 cm)

Insertable Length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: 0.98 in (2.50 cm)

Constant Pleasure Anal Bead Wand

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