Cone-Shaped Steel Bunny Tail Butt Plug 4.5 Inches Long


A different kind of plug may be a little intimidating to some.  Of course, it may seem a little surprising, how this plug can actually give a great amount of carnal satisfaction like no other.  If you are up for a new kind of absolute sensation, then our Cone-Shaped Steel Bunny Tail Butt Plug 4.5 Inches Long is for you!

Made with premium stainless steel, this toy is guaranteed to deliver a good amount of heaviness that will massage even the deepest parts of the anal canal.  Steel also has a very smooth surface that is very appropriate for insertion inside the ass.  Another great part of this variant is that you can use this in your temperature play and increase every sensation a hundred times!  Just imagine a cold, heavy material rubbing your sensitive areas? Total bliss beyond anything you have felt before!  The beauty of these butt plugs is that they can be inserted inside the ass and left there as you enjoy a good, hands-free sexual foreplay.  This is because the flared base will safely anchor the plug outside the ass. The base also has an attached synthetic bunny tail for a great role-playing time.

This plug will help you in having the best anal sex by expanding the behind to prepare for a good ass fuck. You can leave the butt plug inside for an hour, and then you are good to go.

You can also use a butt plug to add a unique sensation in your usual solo play.  Just plug this inside the ass and touch the erogenous areas in between your thighs, it will be a double stimulation that will rock you to the core!

Don't be shy in trying out anything new, who knows, it might give you what you really need!  Try this amazing plug now!


Handle:  Black

Plug:  Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Rabbit Fur

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:   N/A

Plug:  4.5 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug: 1.4 inches