Colorful Vibrating Beaded Penis Plug

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Experience new waves of erotic pleasure with our Colorful Vibrating Beaded Penis Plug. Slide this beaded silicone into your manhood and stretch out your pisser.

The Colorful Vibrating Beaded Penis Plug is made from medical-grade silicone. This material has been used for making plugs because of its flexibility and durability. Since it's bendable, it can flex ergonomically into your body.

Additionally, our silicone-made penis plug is safe to be inserted into your urethra. That is because this penis accessory is non-toxic and hypoallergenic; hence, preventing any irritation in your genital area.

But there's something more about this silicone penis plug. This has a beaded shaft that you can insert into your urethra. This beaded rod is 4.72 inches long, which is powerful enough to give you urethral stimulation.

The ripples of the plug awaken all the nerves in your dick, enabling you to feel every hand and tongue stroke. It also provides a new kind of erotic bliss that you have never felt before, leading to a stronger erection.

But the best feature of this Colorful Vibrating Beaded Penis Plug is its vibration mode. The vibrating sensation enhances your urethral play. Once inserted and switched on, the shaft will hit all your erotic spots, making you cum more. It also has a handle so that you can remove the plug easily when you need to release your essence.

Our Colorful Vibrating Beaded Penis Plug is available in three colors: purple, black, and pink. Choose a color that will definitely catch your lover's attention.

All these and more are what you can get from our Colorful Vibrating Beaded Penis Plug. Try this cock plug now and take your urethral play - or orgasm - to a whole new level!


Color Pink, Black, Purple
Material Silicone
Type Vibrating Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 8.46 in.
Width: 0.31 in.