Colorful Ribbed Metal Tail Butt Plug

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There’s one thing certain about advanced players—they always want to take things to the extreme! If you’re one of them, then you’re in luck to have found this page.

This Colorful Ribbed Metal Tail Butt Plug offers unique sensations because of its threaded design. As it’s made of metal, it won’t flex or bend, giving you that extra bit of challenge. The textured design would send good shivers down your spine.

Available in four beautiful colors, this tail will mesmerize you. White is as radiant as snow, rose-red is as beautiful as a rose, yellow is as bright as daylight, and pink is as sweet-looking as cotton candy. Be it in white, pink, yellow, or red; you’ll certainly wow your playmate.

Kinky playtime in the bedroom should be fun, and the stunning tail will add a touch of magic. Be a bunny and get ready to hop, hop, hop! A bunny has been an icon for sex because, honestly, bunnies always love to hump, hump, hump!

Humping is extra fun, especially when there’s a tail on your behind. Your booty will look fabulous, and you’ll look irresistible to pounce. Just make sure to lube up before popping it in. If you like a cock to go fast and furious in hammering your pussy, trust us, you’ll never enjoy speed and thrusting while probing the butt. The real deal is to work it up slowly and gently to avoid hurting the ultra-delicate tissues of your bum.

Since the butt plug is made of metal, you can use any anal lube, but just be sure you’re not applying the cheap and unreliable brand to avoid causing any harm in an area where pleasure nerves are found.

Ready to act like a bunny? I bet you are! Buy one Colorful Ribbed Metal Tail Butt Plug and make any day a humping day!


Handle:  pink, rose red, white, yellow

Plug:  gold

Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Faux Fur

Plug:  Metal



Handle:   N/A

Plug:   N/A


Handle:   N/A

Plug:   N/A